Consumer society and the zombie apocalypse

When we wake up in the morning and put our feet on the ground, we better have a good reason for getting up. If we don't, it makes no difference whether we stay inside and go back to sleep.

This website is a wake up call. It is also a collection of texts, photos, videos in memory of the events that happened in such deceivingly unremarkable places as Overvecht and Barakaldo, where hundreds of zombies heeded that wake-up call and took to the streets to invade the shopping malls, joining a melancholic revolution without leaders, and sense of direction. Read more 1 comment

The publication

The publication Quédense dentro y cierren las ventanas // Stay inside. Close windows and doors has finally been printed! Edited by Iratxe Jaio y Klaas van Gorkum and published by consonni, it is a collection of theoretical writings, quotes and memories related to the zombiewalks that occurred in Utrecht and Barakaldo.

It contains texts written by, among others, the cinema critic Jordi Costa, the philosopher Jaime Cuenca Amigo, the director of The Showroom in London Emily Pethick, the artistic director in Fundación Tapies (Barcelona) Laurence Rassel, and a comic by Maaike Hartjes.

95p. / colour / 17cm x 23cm / Spanish-English
ISBN: 13:978-84-937361-0-1
19€ This price does not include sales tax or shipping costs outside Spain.

Distribution in Spain:
Belleza Infinita in bookstores specialized in art and contemporary culture and
SD Distribuciones in bookstores specialized in comics and departement stores.

International distribution
To be confirmed


The book is bilingual: in English and Spanish. Read more

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